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Tarragona, Spain

Laureano Serres is one of Spain’s most prominent natural wine makers. He is a firm believer in minimal intervention winemaking. Laureano is one of the original founders of the global Brutal wine label. Brutal is at the top of the natural wine pyramid with a zero zero concept. This means nothing is added or removed from the winemaking process. The wine is the closest representation that nature gives to the wine, without any embellishment.

Laureano Serres Montagut Mendall: Our Products


Laureano Serres Montagut Mendall: Our Products


A blend of Carignan and Garnacha.

The Mendall Brutal is fresh with a higher acidity and lower levels of alcohol than other vintages due to the weather during the harvest time. Only 200 bottles were produced from this vintage.

The idea behind Brutal wine is that it must be based on a zero/zero principle. Zero additives and Zero reductives meaning nothing is to be added nor taken out from the entire process. The grapes are grown organically or biodynamically and spontaneously fermented with natural yeasts. There are no added sulfites and no fining and filtering are carried in the wine before bottling. The winemaker's role in the process is minimal. In the universe of natural wines, Brutal sits right at the top of the movement.

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